Analyzing effects and outcomes of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme

26nov(nov 26)7:28 am22jan(jan 22)7:28 amAnalyzing effects and outcomes of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action ProgrammeConducting quantitative analysis


Main objectives, activities, and results

Erasmus+ Youth in Action is part of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and supporting European youth projects. Based on the survey results from 2015-2020, we analyzed its effects and outcomes from the perspective of project participants and project leaders. The research focused on and offered comparisons between three activity types: Youth Exchanges, Mobility of youth workers, and the European Solidarity Corps (previously: the European Voluntary Service). The results offer many valuable insights, e.g. the profiles of youth most/least involved in the programs and the learning outcomes most/least acquired. The conclusions can be used to further increase the quality of the activities´ implementation and increase their impact. The research report can be found siit.