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The main objectives: The main aim of this project is to inspire and educate professionals in public, private and third sector who are working with or are interested in defining, managing, measuring, and communicating the impact of their activities, as well as young adults who would like to use podcasting as a tool to produce communication materials in relation to topics related to human well-being and environmental protection, i.e., the creation of positive impact and minimizing negative impacts in our society. Additionally, we as the leading partner aim to make the basic information about impact measurement accessible to all so that the new clients of the company would be asking for help on a more advanced level, making servicing them more interesting and impactful. The main activities: We will create an attractive and well-structured compilation of podcast sessions with impact ecosystem practitioners (social entrepreneurs and NGO leaders as well as intrapreneurs from public sector and private corporations that aim to create a positive impact with their work) as their guests. The podcasts will be accompanied by brief and visual reference materials (e.g., typically a mind map of the related main concepts, and links to further reading). Expected results: 1. 245 podcasts in national languages and English. 2. A compilation of reference materials (in total, 32 reference materials will be translated into national languages). 3. Guidance material for podcasting about social impact-related topics. Additionally, there will be 2 learning events in Estonia and Latvia. At the end of the project, two multiplier events will be organised in every partner country. Additional information: Keep an eye on our webpage and social media to get updates on the latest project news. The Project is co-funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ programme.


Latvian Social Enterprise Network, Koç University and Geri Norai LT.


Erasmus+ programme of the European Union (KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education)