Mental health impact creators in Estonia and their stories

We’ve shared a bunch of tips and tricks about measuring impact, given you tools, and showed examples about using them. But how do organisations really create positive change? We picked out some of the best impact measurers in Estonia in a very relevant topic – mental health – and invited them to speak at Impact Day‘s inspiration stage. Now you can watch our session “How to scale up impact in practice? 3 examples from Estonia” right here. If you’re interested in a specific organization, watch the respective video. You can find the full version of the session at the end of this post. 

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How can blood tests be used to measure the impact of midnfulness exercises?

Learn more about Minuts of Stillness (Vaikuseminutid):

How can you affect behavior skills with a game?

Learn more about PAX Good Behavior Game VEPA:

How to use numbers to describe bullying and its prevention?

Learn more about KiVa bullying prevention program:

Impact measurers answer some burning questions in a panel discussion

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